SAP Ariba PunchOut Catalog Integration

SAP Ariba PunchOut Catalog Integration

SAP Ariba

TradeCentric’s integration for SAP Ariba PunchOut catalogs allows users to quickly connect their B2B eProcurement system with leading eCommerce stores.

Our Data Transformation capabilities facilitate seamless communication between SAP Ariba and leading eCommerce systems. TradeCentric translates PunchOut data in real-time so incompatible platforms can consume and exchange documents effortlessly — all without custom development work or long lead times.

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Pre-built connectors with leading eCommerce systems

Integrate SAP Ariba with Optimizely

Thousands of businesses choose Optimizely because it provides a wide array of commerce and analytics tools. TradeCentric can quickly integrate Optimizely with SAP Ariba for PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation.

SAP Ariba

Integrate SAP Ariba with Oracle

TradeCentric brings powerful automation and data integration to SAP Ariba and Oracle, an eCommerce system used widely with customers in high technology, healthcare and consumer goods to facilitate PunchOut and more.

SAP Ariba

Integrate SAP Ariba with Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento)

Adobe Commerce Cloud is used by tens of thousands of midsized and enterprise businesses worldwide. With TradeCentric’s integration with SAP Ariba PunchOut, users can quickly integrate suppliers who use Adobe Commerce Cloud for PunchOut catalogs and other connected commerce solutions.

SAP Ariba

Integrate SAP Ariba with SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris)

Many companies leverage SAP as their eCommerce system. TradeCentric’s ready-built integration enables SAP Ariba users to quickly connect with suppliers using SAP.

SAP Ariba
SAP Commerce Cloud

Integrate SAP Ariba with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Leading businesses across manufacturing, hospitality and consumer goods rely on Salesforce for their eCommerce system. Seamlessly connect to suppliers’ Salesforce storefront with TradeCentric’s pre-built SAP Ariba integration.

SAP Ariba

Integrate SAP Ariba with BigCommerce

TradeCentric’s pre-built integration enables companies to accelerate connection between SAP Ariba and BigCommerce to achieve PunchOut, PO Automation and Invoice Automation.

SAP Ariba

TradeCentric Experience

B2B buyers and suppliers use a vast array of eCommerce and eProcurement software, each with unique communication protocols and standards. With 75+ eCommerce systems and 150+ eProcurement solutions, there are thousands of possible connections available to B2B buyers and suppliers.

TradeCentric handles all the complexity of building and maintaining B2B commerce integrations. Buyers and suppliers mutually benefit from connected commerce solutions such as PunchOut, Purchase Order (PO) Automation and Invoice Automation within their respective ERP system, eProcurement system and eCommerce system.

A seamless process with integration

  • The buyer logs into SAP Ariba, selects the supplier, and is routed to the eCommerce system.
  • Instead of checking out, the buyer then transfers the shopping cart contents back to SAP Ariba and a requisition is created for approval.
  • Once the approval process is done, TradeCentric facilitates the transfer of the PO in the supplier’s eCommerce store.
  • Data exchange and translation seamlessly flow through the TradeCentric Platform, allowing suppliers to provide the same integrated experience to buyers using SAP Ariba.