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Connected Commerce
Drives 750%+ ROI

Leading research firm Hobson & Company conducted independent interviews with TradeCentric customers to learn how connected commerce drives operational efficiencies and revenue growth. Review their analysis of the impressive 3-year ROI for companies implementing B2B eCommerce integration.

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Achieve Real Results

Dillon Supply, an industrial equipment distributor, partnered with TradeCentric to implement a “one-step” purchasing process with automated data transfer. Read the case study to learn how the integration reduced procurement costs, increased buyer retention and created more robust and durable B2B relationships.

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Automate your transactions, accelerate trade

The only integration-platform-as-a-service for B2B commerce


Get setup on our fully-managed iPaaS for seamless eCommerce and eProcurement trade.


Access thousands of buyers and suppliers with pre-built integrations for eCommerce, eProcurement and ERPs.


Transact with leading systems. Our Data Transformation capabilities ensure they speak the same language.


Get visibility into your world of trade with customized dashboards, reports, analytics and alerts.

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”The TradeCentric Platform not only saved Mars Veterinary Health time, but it also simplified our approach with our suppliers as their IT resources are limited.”

David Karakas, Director of Procurement

“We partnered with TradeCentric because we wanted to work with the experts in this space that could provide a scalable solution for our customers.”

Kyriakos Zannikos, VP, Digital Selling & eCommerce

“With the help of TradeCentric, AutoZone can offer our full line of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories to customers on any procurement system.”

Max Baer, Program Specialist, Commercial eCommerce

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