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A better trading experience for all

Level up from manual trade and join the world of connected commerce. Our solutions, which can be implemented separately or packaged together to meet your unique needs, power an integrated experience across multiple systems and trading partners to drive cost savings and efficient trade for all.

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PunchOut Catalog

TradeCentric’s PunchOut solution allows buyers to shop a supplier’s eCommerce store from within their internal purchasing system.

PunchOut authenticates the buyer into the supplier’s storefront where they can see their custom product catalogs, negotiated pricing and availability. The buyer can then build a requisition without having to manually re-key data back into their purchasing system.

  • Grow revenue from new and existing customers
  • Improve efficiency within the transaction process
  • Reduce time and effort required to achieve integration
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Purchase Order Automation

Our Purchase Order (PO) Automation solution replaces the need for manual ordering methods. Our clients use PO automation to eliminate data entry errors and streamline their fulfillment processes.

Buyers simply select the products they need from a supplier’s eCommerce store. TradeCentric facilitates communication between the eProcurement and eCommerce systems, translating and transforming the PO data in the required formats to seamlessly deliver the PO into supplier systems.

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of PO fulfillment
  • Accelerate PO submission and supplier approval process
  • Reduce the costs associated with manual processing of POs
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Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation transforms supplier invoice data, ensuring it is correctly formatted, properly validated and ready to be reconciled for payment before sending to the buyer.

Our solution supports all current transport protocols and formats. When combined with PO Automation, TradeCentric can enrich and validate the invoice based on the original PO, improving data matching and accelerating time to payment.

  • Improve the PO-invoice reconciliation process
  • Reduce manual invoice processing for AP
  • Enable faster payment and decrease outstanding AR
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PO Acknowledgement

Our Purchase Order Acknowledgement (POA) solution receives order and/or line item data from the supplier and translates it into an acknowledgement document that notifies the buyer of the purchase order status.

The PO Acknowledgement includes sender contact information, order details, item availability and terms of delivery to improve visibility into the status of a purchase order.

  • Increase visibility throughout the purchasing process
  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date information on all orders
  • Centralize order communication in one location
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Advance Shipping Notice

Our Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) solution provides an additional layer of visibility and credibility within B2B transactions by notifying a buyer that their order has been shipped.

The ASN contains details such as an order number, order date, tracking number, shipment method, shipping address and items included. Some buyers require ASNs to be received prior to accepting invoices.

  • Provide enhanced order visibility to customers
  • Improve inventory planning and supply chain transparency
  • Achieve certainty of order shipment and arrival
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Our eQuotes solution gives B2B suppliers the ability to offer integrated electronic quotes for buyers using any eProcurement, ERP or spend management system.

TradeCentric generates electronic quotes for any special order, non-catalog, or RFQ items submitted to suppliers. Buyers access quotes in an intuitive interface and then transfer the quote data to their eProcurement solution to continue the purchasing process.

  • Save time and reduce errors by automating the quote process
  • Receive special order on non-catalog items quickly
  • Become a preferred vendor by offering eQuote capabilities
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