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B2B Integration for Distribution & Wholesale

Distribution companies need access to connected commerce solutions that increase real-time data to help mitigate supply chain disruptions.

To better navigate a rapidly changing landscape, leading Distribution companies succeed by leveraging technology that increases visibility, improves efficiency and diversifies their supply base.

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TradeCentric for Distribution & Wholesale

We work with leading Distribution & Wholesale companies to streamline integrations and transactions. The result? Reduced costs of manual transactions and more sales through digital and eCommerce channels.

How a Leading Wholesale Distributor Enhanced The B2B Customer Experience with TradeCentric

A leading wholesale distributor wanted to improve its B2B procurement experience by replacing a legacy PunchOut program with a more capable solution. The primary goal was to become a preferred vendor for buyers who expected low-friction onboarding to a streamlined procurement experience integrated with their eProcurement solution.

With the TradeCentric Platform, the company can now easily connect with any buyer’s eProcurement solution, fulfilling buyers’ expectations of seamless connected commerce.

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“It would not have been impossible to manually input all invoices into Coupa. It would have taken 2 FTEs. It was an easy sell to use Invoice Automation from TradeCentric.”

eProcurement Manager

Industrial Distributor