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TradeCentric's Business Intelligence Portal

Gain powerful insights & analytics

The TradeCentric Business Intelligence Portal provides B2B buyers and suppliers access to real-time analytics and historical data. The Portal’s powerful insights provide companies with key information to make better-informed decisions and improve eCommerce operations.

Testing & Troubleshooting

PunchOut testing & troubleshooting

Utilize the PunchOut simulation tool to walk through a PunchOut session from your buyer’s point of view. Increased visibility into testing and troubleshooting integrations resolves issues quickly and accelerates onboarding. 

Real-time visibility into transaction & spend data

Stay in the know with key eCommerce metrics happening in real time. Teams have access to a live dashboard with transaction and spend data to better understand eCommerce activity as well as identify issues and opportunities for improvement. 

Real time data

Comprehensive reporting

Unlock simple, filterable and interactive reports that can be exported in a CSV format and configured to provide teams with key insights.

Suppliers can gain a more holistic understanding of the B2B purchasing experience via visibility into purchasing habits, trends, cart abandonment data and more. Buyers can analyze spend, monitor vendor adoption and troubleshoot errors, such as order failures and invoice issues. 

Reports include:

  • Recent accounts
  • PunchOuts
  • Order requests
  • Order invoices
  • Order notice activities
  • Failed transactions
Comprehensive Reporting

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