Watch the Returns Add Up: B2B Connected Commerce ROI Calculator

Unleash Data-Driven Success

The TradeCentric Business Intelligence Portal provides real-time visibility into transaction and spend data, enabling you to make decisions with confidence.

Real-time visibility into transaction and spend data

Better understand and monitor eCommerce activity as well as identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

  • Customize live dashboards
  • Visibility into transaction and spend data
  • Pinpoint failures to quickly resolve order issues
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Connection testing and troubleshooting

Leverage the simulation tool to walk through sessions from the buyer’s point of view, before going-live with trading partners.

  • Test connections prior to launching with customers
  • Troubleshoot to resolve connection errors before go-live
  • Accelerate trading partner onboarding
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Comprehensive reporting

Unlock simple, filterable and interactive reports that can be exported and configured to provide teams with key insights.

Reports include:

  • Recent accounts
  • PunchOuts
  • Order requests
  • Order invoices
  • Order notice activities
  • Failed transactions