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B2B Integration for Biotech & Life Sciences

Biotech and Life Sciences companies are focused on research and development of new life-saving products, not manual processes and time-consuming data entry.

B2B commerce integration automates purchasing and order fulfillment processes so teams can redirect their time and resources to doing what they do best: innovation.

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TradeCentric for Biotech & Life Sciences

Leading Biotech and Life Sciences companies partner with TradeCentric to achieve integration. By automating the purchasing process, suppliers unlock more opportunities to win new business. At the same time, buyers reduce the time and effort required to procure the products they need.

How a Leading Biotech Company Improved Efficiencies with eProcurement Integration

After successful PunchOut implementation, a top biotech firm introduced automated ordering and invoicing in their eCommerce system. Their goals? Boost operational efficiency by minimizing manual rekeying and refining invoice reconciliation for stronger customer relations. Partnering with TradeCentric led to a 20%-30% revenue growth, saved 3.5 FTE hours, and heightened customer satisfaction.

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“There is natural, organic growth when we use TradeCentric. It improves the way we present our products, makes it easier for a customer to find what they need as well as find related products. Carts tend to grow with TradeCentric.”

Director of eCommerce

Leading Biotech Instruments and Analytics Company