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IT Products & Services

Leading IT Products & Services companies leverage automation to improve efficiency, while simultaneously minimizing cost and time.

Our Platform automates connections and transactions to reduce manual work and errors. This enables IT businesses to more readily deliver on the needs of their buying organizations, giving businesses the ability to connect with suppliers when they need it. Their teams will be spared the headache of manual developing connections while their partners will be pleased with the streamlined integration of their platforms.


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FTEs saved processing invoices

Industry Insights

eProcurement and Automation Build Revenue in the B2B Buyer Journey

Kevin Kazenmayer spoke with Digital Commerce 360 to discuss how understanding the customer’s buying journey will help identify opportunities to automate and remove friction from the shopping experience.

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“Customer RFPs have asked us to describe our Punchout capabilities and we were not able to respond. But now we’re in the game, and we can submit more proposals.”

Senior Director of eCommerce from an IT Solutions Distributor