What is SAP SRM OCI PunchOut?

SAP Supplier Relationship Manager (SRM) uses the Open Catalog Interface (OCI) standards. An SAP type OCI PunchOut-related process is also more commonly referred to as OCI Round-Trip. See how OCI PunchOut works.

Technical explantation of what happens behind-the-scenes via Open Catalog Interface (OCI) PunchOut example:

  • PunchOut Authentication is made – The data in many cases with SAP SRM OCI integrations will not contain much of anything related to the user. Technically, SAP SRM can support sending unique identifiers, but many do not. Shameless plug: TradeCentric has various ways of helping to solve these challenges. The data from this generally will include the following as examples:
    • HOOK_URL:
  • PunchOut User Redirection – After authenticating the request, The vendors e-commerce application returns a URL that redirects the user to to begin their shopping experience directly on the vendors e-commerce application.
  • Cart Return – When the user selects to transfer the cart, the data included per line item will generally consist of at least the following parameters that will get posted to “HOOK_URL” referenced in step 1.
    • NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION[n]: Some Great Product Name
    • NEW_ITEM-MATGROUP[n]: 80141611 (UNSPSC or sometimes different and will vary from buyer to buyer)
    • NEW_ITEM-VENDORMAT[n]: 1234567 (Product SKU)
    • NEW_ITEM-PRICE[n]: 55.68
    • NEW_ITEM-UNIT[n]: EA (The Unit of Measure (ie. Each, Case, etc., will also vary from buyer to buyer)
    • Important Note: OCI supports upwards of 40 different nodes, generally 7-15 are used.