Advanced Shipping Notice Solution

Advanced Shipping Notice: More Efficient Notifications

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) provides an additional layer of visibility and credibility within B2B transactions by notifying a buyer that their order has been shipped. The ASN contains details such as an order number, order date, tracking number, shipment method, shipping address and items included.

B2B Connected Commerce Platform Overview

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Common Challenges

  • Lack of visibility into order shipments can leave buyers in the dark
  • Insufficient information can lead to time-consuming calls and emails that tie up resources for both buyers and suppliers
  • Regulatory requirements for publicly traded companies require proof of accurate financial reporting, including invoice reconciliation

What is eQuote?

Advanced Shipping Notices improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain by keeping buyers informed about when an order is shipped and can be expected to arrive. Some buyers require an ASN prior to accepting an invoices.

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Benefits for Both Sides of the Transaction - Buyers

Insights into shipments are crucial to maintaining smooth operations and production continuity — particularly those related to direct material spend.

  • Ensure certainty of order shipment and arrival
  • Improve inventory planning and supply chain transparency
  • ASN can replace the need for goods receipt to facilitate automated 3-way matching, accelerating and reducing the cost of invoice reconciliation

Benefits for Both Sides of the Transaction - Suppliers

Provide transparency into shipped order information and use ASN as a proxy for an order receipt to get paid quicker.

  • Provide enhanced order visibility for customers to better understand and track inventory in real time
  • Position to grow revenue from existing customers and win new business by offering ASN
  • When combined with Purchase Order and Invoice Automation, ASN facilities 3-way matching to support more efficient invoice reconciliation

The Role of Advanced Shipping Notice in the B2B Transaction Process


Buyer selects a supplier within  the eProcurement solution, is routed to the supplier’s eCommerce site to shop, then transfers the cart data back to their purchasing system.

Purchase Order (PO) Automation

A PO is generated in the eProcurement solution, then the buyer sends the PO from the eProcurement solution to the supplier.

Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA)

Once the request is received by the supplier, a POA is generated with order details confirming that the PO was received.

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)

The supplier’s eCommerce system will send the buyer an ASN containing additional shipment and tracking information.

Invoice Automation

After the products ship, the supplier’s system will generate an invoice to send to the buyer.


Buyer accesses a quote in an intuitive interface and then transfers the quote to their eProcurement solution.

Support for All Common Data Protocols

TradeCentric provides support for all electronically readable data formats.

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