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B2B Connected Commerce Solutions for Enterprise Suppliers

Enterprise-level organizations leverage B2B connected commerce to meet the demands of their buyers. These solutions, including PunchOut, PO Automation and Invoice Automation, allow eCommerce platforms to seamlessly integrate with buyers’ eProcurement and ERP systems. The result? Increased market share and revenue, optimized existing integrations, and leverage for teams to work faster and more strategically. 

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Integrated solutions for every step of the B2B transaction process

Level up from manual trade and join the world of B2B connected commerce.

PunchOut Catalog

PunchOut connects eProcurement solutions to eCommerce systems to automate key steps in the shopping process.

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Purchase Order Automation

Purchase Order Automation replaces the need for manual ordering methods and streamlines the order fulfillment process.

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Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation transforms supplier invoice data, ensuring it is correctly formatted and ready to be reconciled for payment.

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Gain market share and grow revenue with enhanced competitive advantage

With TradeCentric, suppliers can increase revenue and strengthen relationships by integrating with their customers’ eProcurement solutions. Offering B2B Connected Commerce capabilities attracts new customers seeking integration solutions, while offering a competitive advantage that can influence market share.

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How GE Healthcare Increased Orders by 10% with B2B Connected Commerce

Learn how GE Healthcare simplified and streamlined its purchasing experience for customers globally, achieving a 10%+ order increase with the TradeCentric Platform.

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Augment your existing capabilities

Ongoing management and maintenance of integrations, especially with frequent updates and compatibility issues among hundreds eProcurement solutions and eCommerce systems, pose significant challenges for in-house teams.

Leading organizations are partnering with dedicated software providers to enhance their technical capabilities, eliminate backlogs, scale operations, and empower their teams to accomplish more, faster. By leveraging our expertise, companies can ensure their integrations remain robust and scalable while staying ahead of market and technology changes.

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Strategic partnerships with key players

TradeCentric has established partnerships with leading eCommerce systems, eProcurement solutions, systems integrators, and agencies. Collaborating closely with industry leaders, we are at the forefront of driving innovation in the B2B commerce integration landscape. Featured partners include:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Only managed package solution on Salesforce AppExchange

SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Spotlight partner


Coupa Storefront partner

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How MillerKnoll Leverages Salesforce and TradeCentric to Drive Success

Discover the winning digital strategy created by the seamless integration of TradeCentric and Salesforce solutions. In this exclusive session, we dive into the success story of MillerKnoll, revealing how an integrated B2B eCommerce experience has driven revenue growth by meeting customer expectations.

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Integrate with leading eProcurement solutions

Access hundreds of powerful pre-built connections for 150+ ERP/eProcurement solutions.

BirchStreet Systems
SAP Commerce Cloud