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How AutoZone Reduced Time-to-Market for Customers Via B2B Connected Commerce

Under pressure to better connect with commercial B2B eProcurement customers, AutoZone knew they needed to reduce the customer onboarding process and reduce reliance on third-party cataloguers.

Customer snapshot


Oracle NetSuite

TradeCentric solution: PunchOut, Purchase Order Automation & Invoice Automation

Industry: Distribution & Wholesale


  • AutoZone was dealing with in-house IT resource constraints and stringent time-to-market expectations to offer integration capabilities
  • Needed to be able to translate documents into cXML
  • The purchasing process was manual and time consuming


  • AutoZone searched for an integration partner and decided to partner with TradeCentric 
  • The TradeCentric Platform enabled effective communication between AutoZone’s eCommerce system and customer eProcurement solutions
  • Document transfer between AutoZone and their buyers is now seamless and efficient 


  • Reduced time-to-market 
  • Streamlined purchasing experience for customers 
  • Autozone can now integrate to any leading eProcurement solution, allowing them to expand their customer base 


Competitive advantage requires a constant and proactive focus on implementing new technologies, which comes with business challenges of their own. Despite in-house IT resource constraints and stringent time-to-market expectations, AutoZone needed to implement a sustainable technology that would:

  • Expand their cXML integration capabilities to offer their full-line of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories to every buyer on any B2B eProcurement solution
  • Help customers have a streamlined purchasing experience to save time


TradeCentric’s B2B connected commerce solutions act as a layer between Autozone’s Oracle eCommerce system and their buyers. The TradeCentric technology was configured and deployed with the AutoZone ConnectSM program in just 30 days. This one-time integration adapted the TradeCentric Platform to AutoZone’s standard cXML integration, enabling AutoZone to integrate with TradeCentric systems with any cXML or OCI methodology.

With the help of TradeCentric, AutoZone can offer our full line of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories to customers on any procurement system.

Max Baer
Program Specialist Commercial eCommerce


With the TradeCentric Platform, AutoZone is well-positioned to expand quickly and better connect with their commercial B2B eProcurement customers. TradeCentric’s Business Intelligence Portal dramatically reduced the customer onboarding process, enabling AutoZone to emulate the experience for customers’ eProcurement solutions and complete end-to-end testing before engagement.

AutoZone achieved its goal of implementing an easy integration method with any eProcurement customer and reducing time-to-market for their customers.