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Educational institutions face strict guidelines on budget, supplier mix, purchasing processes and more. Further, they must focus on getting the supplies they need, when they need them, on time and on budget.

With TradeCentric, educational institutions can modernize, transform and innovate the way they transact. Universities that partner with TradeCentric have access to our broad network of suppliers as well as their approved trading partners. Learn how a provider of health supplies for schools improved its eCommerce experience for spend management users with streamlined integrations and automation, resulting in customer retention and new business.


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Case Study

School Health Seamlessly Migrates Customers and Doubles Revenue

School Health, a provider of health suppliers for schools, wanted to improve the eCommerce experience for their eProcurement spend management users. With a goal to increase revenue from existing customers, School Health turned to TradeCentric to integrate their eCommerce stores with their customers’ eProcurement system. As a result, School Health and TradeCentric built fast, streamlined integrations and automation that helped win new business and improve customer retention.

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“We proactively market School Health’s TradeCentric-powered eProcurement integration capabilities. Buyers love the automation potential, and they’re often surprised just how fast and straightforward it is for us to connect to their platform for an improved eCommerce experience compared to other vendors.”

eCommerce Manager at School Health

“Over time, an increasing number of customers were asking for eCommerce automation features like PunchOut Catalogs. We saw integration and automation as an opportunity to build stronger relationships with our customers and attract new customers.”

eCommerce Manager at School Health