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B2B Integration for Industrial Goods

Industrial Goods organizations need solutions to weather supply chain disruptions while continuing to meet customer needs. Whether it’s supplying parts, cleaning supplies and other products, Industrial Goods companies keep warehouses and manufacturing plants going.

Leaders in this space leverage automation to improve their efficiency while simultaneously minimizing cost and time so they can better serve their customers.

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TradeCentric for Industrial Goods

We work with leading Industrial Goods companies to streamline integrations and transactions. The result? Reduced costs of manual transactions and more sales through digital and eCommerce channels.


New Pig Modernizes Its Ordering Process with TradeCentric

New Pig wanted to support custom PunchOut catalogs for large buyers on its legacy WebSphere Commerce store but couldn’t migrate the custom coded integrations to its new SAP Hybris store.

They sought to transition all PunchOut catalog users to the new SAP Hybris store and move static catalog users to PunchOut catalogs to enhance the overall buyer experience for customers.

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“We wanted to offer eProcurement integration and PunchOut catalogs while reducing complexity and IT involvement. Working with TradeCentric is a simple process and has allowed us to integrate and migrate more customers more quickly than would have been possible without the TradeCentric iPass.”

Dena Vellone

Corporate Contract Manager