Connected Commerce Solutions for Healthcare


The Healthcare industry has seen a surge in demand over the past few years, highlighting the need for supply chain visibility and access to the materials they need to better serve patients.

Our Platform enables the Healthcare industry to connect applications, information, data and technologies to automate critical processes. Learn how a leading global medical technology and life sciences company was able to eliminate unnecessary steps in the customer purchasing process and provide more information to customers on-demand.


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Case Study

GE Healthcare Improves Equipment Maintenance and Parts Sourcing with TradeCentric

GE Healthcare, a leading global medical technology and life sciences company, sought to improve its customer experience by helping buyers find and view real-time information. The goal was to help customers procure parts and accessories faster, which would generate loyalty through quick, accurate service. GE Healthcare’s main objectives were eliminating unnecessary steps in the customer purchasing process and providing more detailed information to customers on-demand.

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“We partnered with TradeCentric because we wanted to work with the experts in this space.”

Kyriakos Zannikos, VP, Digital Selling and eCommerce at GE Healthcare

“TradeCentric has helped to grow our channel and increase channel loyalty, which is the biggest advantage for us. We now act as a one-stop-shop for the customer. Previously a customer would leave our site – now they keep ordering from us because they see all products combined in the catalog. TradeCentric is very sticky because it is tied into a buyer’s workflow approval system.”

Director of Digital Strategy & Transformation at a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company