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B2B Integration for Healthcare

The number one priority for organizations in the healthcare industry is providing top-tier care for their patients.

Faced with limited resources and a surge in demand, it’s more important than ever for healthcare professionals to invest in efficiency in every aspect of their job – including transactions with their trading partners.

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TradeCentric for Healthcare

Our Platform enables the Healthcare industry to connect applications, information, data and technologies to automate critical processes.

GE Healthcare
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GE Healthcare Improves Equipment Maintenance and Parts Sourcing

GE Healthcare had a goal to generate customer loyalty through quick and accurate service. To achieve this, they implemented a solution that would improve its customer experience by helping buyers find and view real-time information while accelerating the purchasing process. With the TradeCentric Platform, GE Healthcare simplified and streamlined its purchasing experience for customers globally, achieving a 10%+ order increase.

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GE Healthcare

“We partnered with TradeCentric because we wanted to work with the experts in this space.”

Kyriakos Zannikos

VP Digital Selling and eCommerce