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B2B Integration for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are increasingly investing in digital transformation, both in their production capabilities as well as operational processes.

More and more buyers are implementing eProcurement solutions to more efficiently manage their purchasing, and in turn they are requiring their suppliers to integrate with those procurement solutions.

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TradeCentric for Manufacturing

Time is of the essence for companies who must meet their trading partners’ integration requirements. TradeCentric’s Platform helps manufacturers get connected quickly. Even better, once they’re integrated with their customers, manufacturers increase their visibility among buyers and have an opportunity to grow revenue.

Global Manufacturing & Distribution Leader Simplifies Purchase Processes

MISUMI sought to find a solution for fully integrating their B2B eCommerce application with their customers’ eProcurement platforms, and required a fast turnaround time for this task. MISUMI chose to work with TradeCentric due to its track record of successful eProcurement integrations.

In only two weeks, MISUMI’s eCommerce application was integrated to have cXML PunchOut catalog capabilities, allowing communication with any eProcurement system. This transition led to sales volume growth, operating cost reductions and faster lead time to customers.

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“Due to the demand for supplier network with PunchOut/cXML integrations and a quick turnaround time, we decided to work with an experienced solution provider.”

Director of eProcurement Solutions