Modernizing the way industries trade

Modernize your B2B transactions with ease and expertise. We’ve accelerated trade for the world’s most innovative companies across a broad range of industries.

Biotech & Life Sciences

Biotech & Life Sciences

Biotech & Life Sciences companies face demand for more streamlined and automated B2B eCommerce strategies. Saving time and costs by automating tasks and improving operational performances has become a priority.

Whether you’re on the buy or supply side of the industry, it’s important to efficiently manage transaction complexities of your business with world-class integrations. Learn how a leading healthcare company leveraged TradeCentric to access effective B2B eProcurement technology and integration support to transition suppliers to its newly adopted Coupa software eProcurement application.

Banking & Finance

The Banking & Finance industry needs to streamline customer transactions via automation rather than rely on time-intensive and error-prone manual processes. Top priorities for this industry include cost savings, efficient time management, security and improving customer experiences.

Our seamless integrations help Banking & Finance companies optimize their resources to work more efficiently while rapidly onboarding new trading partners. Furthermore, we help keep companies’ sensitive data and information secure.


The Healthcare industry has seen a surge in demand over the past few years, highlighting the need for supply chain visibility and access to the materials they need to better serve patients.

Our Platform enables the Healthcare industry to connect applications, information, data and technologies to automate critical processes. Learn how a leading global medical technology and life sciences company was able to eliminate unnecessary steps in the customer purchasing process and provide more information to customers on-demand.


Manufacturing companies should be focused on designing and building products, not worrying about onboarding and automating trade with their partners. But integrating eCommerce applications with customers’ eProcurement platforms is a necessary step to drive sales through digital channels.

Our fully managed cloud solution helps leading manufacturers sell through their channels of choice. Find out how a leading manufacturer was able to boost sales volume growth, reduce operating costs and create faster lead time to customers.


Educational institutions face strict guidelines on budget, supplier mix, purchasing processes and more. Further, they must focus on getting the supplies they need, when they need them, on time and on budget.

With TradeCentric, educational institutions can modernize, transform and innovate the way they transact. Universities that partner with TradeCentric have access to our broad network of suppliers as well as their approved trading partners. Learn how a provider of health supplies for schools improved its eCommerce experience for spend management users with streamlined integrations and automation, resulting in customer retention and new business.

IT Products & Services

Leading IT Products & Services companies leverage automation to improve efficiency, while simultaneously minimizing cost and time.

Our Platform automates connections and transactions to reduce manual work and errors. This enables IT businesses to more readily deliver on the needs of their buying organizations, giving businesses the ability to connect with suppliers when they need it. Their teams will be spared the headache of manual developing connections while their partners will be pleased with the streamlined integration of their platforms.

Industrial Goods

B2B buyers and suppliers in the Industrial Goods industry need solutions to weather supply chain disruptions while continuing to meet their customers needs. Their priority is to reduce the cost of manual transactions and drive more sales through digital channels – all while retaining and growing new customers.

We work with the leading Industrial Goods companies to streamline digital connections and transactions. For example, an international seller of industrial maintenance products partnered with TradeCentric to successfully transition all PunchOut catalog users to their new SAP Hybris store, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Distribution & Wholesale

Distribution channels currently face immense challenges, including continued supply chain disruptions and ongoing labor shortages. On top of that, trading partners have high expectations for increased visibility and integrated trading solutions.

TradeCentric’s Platform efficiently connects buyers and suppliers to automate back-office processes throughout the trading process. Automation fills labor gaps by reducing the time and number of team members needed to execute manual tasks. Learn how a business improved their purchasing experience and efficiency with a new “one-step” automated purchasing process.


Government agencies face pressures to adhere to regulations, diversify suppliers and manage spend effectively. When tight budgets come into play, they need established and efficient solutions that save costs while serving the needs of their constituents.

TradeCentric is trusted by government entities to reduce cost and implement automation that drives sales through digital channels. We deliver eCommerce and eProcurement integrations that accelerate transactions.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage companies must respond to supply chain disruptions and changing consumer tastes with speed and innovation. To meet customer demands, leading industry players succeed by leveraging technology that increases visibility and diversifies their supply base.

Learn how TradeCentric enables Food & Beverage companies to not only reduce cost, but also drive more sales through digital channels and retain and grow their trading partners.