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GE Healthcare

How GE Healthcare Increased Orders by 10% with B2B Connected Commerce

GE Healthcare wanted to generate customer loyalty through quick and accurate service. B2B connected commerce solutions simplified and streamlined the customer purchasing experience by providing key customers with a way to view real-time information, procure parts and find accessories for their equipment.


Enhanced flexibility and ease of use for customers

10%+ order increase


The existing customer engagement workflow included multiple calls to 800 numbers and extraneous processes to purchase parts and accessories. Customers expressed the need for more information at their fingertips and fewer “swivel chair” interactions between their own systems and GE Healthcare’s eCommerce site. GE Healthcare needed a solution that would.

  • Help customers save time
  • Provide more accurate information
  • Create stickiness with loyal customers
  • Gain share with incremental accounts


TradeCentric’s B2B connected commerce solutions act as a layer between GE Healthcare’s Hybris eCommerce system and their buyers. This middleware technology can consume any type of data and transaction communication protocols from any leading business system, then translate and map to enable effective communication between eProcurement and eCommerce business applications.

We partnered with TradeCentric because we wanted to work with the experts in this space.

Kyriakos Zannikos
Vice President of Digital Selling & eCommerce


TradeCentric helped GE Healthcare simplify and streamline purchasing experiences for customers globally. Initial development took six weeks, from design to implementation and testing. TradeCentric acted as an advisor and partner to GE Healthcare during each step of the integration to ensure a successful launch, resulting in:

  • 10%+ order increase from integrated customers
  • 15% of all orders were placed by TradeCentric integration customers during phase 1
  • Customer testing starts within 24 hours of integration
  • Enhanced GE Healthcare’s flexibility and ease of doing business for customers