New Pig Enhances PunchOut on SAP Commerce Cloud with TradeCentric

TradeCentric sat down with John McQuade, Director of Software Development at New Pig, to discuss how the company’s partnership with TradeCentric has enabled them to grow and enhance their PunchOut capabilities on SAP Commerce Cloud.

New Pig, a manufacturer of workplace safety and spill containment products, started their connected commerce journey in 2015 when they migrated their eCommerce platform to a different, more up-to-date technology stack, rather than take on the overhead of upgrading their legacy system. 

Despite successfully migrating to SAP Hybris, now known as SAP Commerce Cloud, their PunchOut catalogs remained on the legacy platform. While the channel was generating a significant amount of revenue, there were only a few customers engaged and it was seen as too much of a challenge to migrate to the new system.

About two years after we went live on SAP, we realized we had to move the PunchOut channel. Traditionally, in the past, it had meant a lot of IT involvement and set up, so there wasn’t a lot of growth in the channel because it was difficult to get people set up.” 

The company knew that success required a partner to help manage the overheads of migrating their PunchOut channel. 

There were generally a lot of nuances between customers. On our legacy platform, changes were pretty much manually coded, so we had to go and do that configuration. In general, there was a reluctance, it was that implicit IT slow walk.” 

New Pig partnered with TradeCentric to migrate the PunchOut channel. Since then, TradeCentric has worked alongside New Pig to enhance their SAP capabilities and connected commerce journey. 

New Pig, TradeCentric and SAP

For New Pig, the decision to partner with TradeCentric was easy.

“At the time, there weren’t a lot of integration vendors in the space and TradeCentric had a good reputation. We wanted a vendor that has been around for a while, with a good reputation in the industry. We needed an organization that’s really customer support focused, because our big goal here was to make an easy transition for customers, but also giving our in-house staff a partner to expand this channel.”

It didn’t take long for New Pig to realize they had made the right decision. 

Pre-sale support and getting set up was quick, and there’s a formal support process which is a lot more reliable than the previous solution we used. Our biggest benefit is that the sales reps can work with the customers and get them set up with these integrations without having to do the heavy lifting. So, it’s huge from a timing perspective, we’re not getting in there and creating blockers or constraints on their timeline.” 

TradeCentric and SAP have enabled New Pig to grow its lucrative PunchOut channel without the friction and constraints of having to manage each buyer link individually and using in-house resources. 

Based on New Pig’s experience, John McQuade would recommend TradeCentric as an SAP connected commerce partner.

I mean, it works, they are a great partner. TradeCentric was instrumental in getting our customers switched over from the legacy system without IT involvement. They treated our customers as if they were TradeCentric’s customers. Integrating with SAP was pretty easy using the methods TradeCentric provided and I definitely recommend anybody on an SAP Commerce Cloud or on-premise solution to consider TradeCentric as their integration partner for B2B commerce.”

What next?

To learn how TradeCentric can help you on your connected eCommerce journey, visit TradeCentric’s profile on the SAP Store, or email [email protected].