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How a Leading Life Sciences Company Reduced Order Processing Time by 70%

After migrating to a new ERP system, a leading life sciences company found it didn't support their integration requirements. TradeCentric helped the company implement PunchOut and Purchase Order Automation on their new system.

Customer snapshot

Industry: Life Sciences


Oracle NetSuite

TradeCentric solution: PunchOut & Purchase Order Automation


A streamlined purchasing process that eliminates manual ordering


After migrating to a new ERP system, a leading life sciences company found the new system didn’t offer the PunchOut and Purchase Order Automation capabilities they needed. They required a streamlined purchasing process with real-time inventory and price updates, but that wasn’t possible with their initial setup.

Because of the limited capabilities of their new ERP system, the life sciences company experienced cumbersome buying processes, manual data entry errors, and pricing errors that led to 70% of order processing time being spent fixing purchase orders. Slow email-based buying processes took up to two days to confirm orders. The company needed a solution that would:

  • Integrate with their Netsuite ERP configuration
  • Provide rich pricing and availability information
  • Automate ordering workflows
  • Eliminate ordering errors


TradeCentric’s Connected Commerce platform made it easy to connect the company’s ERP to its supplier’s eCommerce stores. TradeCentric implemented PunchOut natively within NetSuite ERP, benefitting from a comprehensive selection of pre-built connectors that made it straightforward to connect to suppliers using a wide range of eCommerce applications.

PunchOut provides us with real-time transactions and cuts order processing down to minutes

Associate Director of Procurement


After implementing TradeCentric’s PunchOut and Purchase Order solutions, the company achieved its goal of a streamlined purchasing process tightly integrated with its Netsuite ERP platform. The new system provides faster order times and real-time pricing and availability updates. The company can now easily connect with new suppliers in the future.

  • Onboarded 11 new suppliers
  • Reduced order times from days to minutes
  • Eliminated manual data entry
  • Achieved error-free PunchOut orders with zero post-order intervention