Our PunchOut catalog solution

TradeCentric’s PunchOut solution connects buyer eProcurement systems to supplier eCommerce systems while automating key aspects of the shopping process, including authentication and cart order transfer between buyer and supplier systems.

PunchOut catalogs allow buyers and suppliers to take full advantage of their platforms’ capabilities while reducing manual rekeying, increasing data transparency and eliminating order placement errors.

PunchOut catalog solution for suppliers

Our PunchOut catalog solution for suppliers supports B2B commerce via CXML, OCI, xCBL, XML with Ariba, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), Coupa, SAP, Oracle, and other procurement systems. We develop unique, robust, and customizable PunchOut catalogs.

TradeCentric provides the most innovative and robust B2B PunchOut catalog solutions with complete flexibility for suppliers and customizable buyer experiences.

Here’s how it works.

A buyer visits the supplier PunchOut catalog from their eProcurement network, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa or another eProcurement source. Our Platform recognizes these buyers and routes them to your online catalog/shopping cart, configured for the PunchOut buyer.

When the buyer adds items to their cart and proceeds to check out, they won’t see traditional checkout methods but instead “PunchOut Your Order.” The TradeCentric Platform transmits the order back in cXML, OCL and other document protocols to the eProcurement network source where the buyer completes the requisition for eProcurement.

PunchOut catalog solutions for buyers

As a buying entity, your organization is or has invested heavily into a spend management system to help streamline and manage spend. Getting your suppliers integrated with your eProcurement system can be a significant obstacle. TradeCentric streamlines vendor integrations to maximize your ROI by integrating your vendors to facilitate purchasing through your eProcurement platform.

The TradeCentric Platform can be implemented and integrated into any eCommerce platform.

Here’s how it works.

If your company has been purchasing from a supplier since before the times of eProcurement and you want the supplier to accept PunchOut orders moving forward, we can easily integrate our Platform with their eCommerce application.

B2B PunchOut catalog challenges

PunchOut is a complex integration. Some of the most significant challenges a company will experience when attempting to develop a PunchOut integration internally include:

  • Lack of technical support
  • Overreliance on IT
  • Steep learning curve
  • Lack of testing
  • Disparate requirements

TradeCentric is the PunchOut subject-matter expert. With fully-managed services, award-winning customer support and more, we can take PunchOut integration off your plate for good.

The TradeCentric approach

TradeCentric offers an adaptable solution with unparalleled support to connect eCommerce platforms to eProcurement systems. Our Platform connects procurement systems and trading partners worldwide, ultimately unifying data to be consistent across all applications. We specialize in end-to-end B2B automation, accelerating trade between buyers and suppliers.

We also offer tools that allow developers to simulate and test the PunchOut process.

PunchOut Catalogs

PunchOut of your eProcurement system to securely search your vendors’ catalogs to easily shop and create requisitions, streamlining your purchasing processes, driving compliance and controlling spend across your organization.

B2B Automation

Exchange purchase orders, invoices and other documents electronically, eliminating paper, errors and repetitive data entry while increasing order accuracy. Utilize electronic document handling to fully automate the purchasing process.