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How MISUMI Simplified Purchasing Processes with TradeCentric

MISUMI needed to integrate their homegrown eCommerce application with key customers' eProcurement platforms - all within a two week turnaround time.

Customer snapshot

Industry: Manufacturing

Platform: Proprietary

TradeCentric solution: PunchOut, Purchase Order Automation, Purchase Order Acknowledgments, Invoice Automation & Advanced Shipping Notices


80-sextillion-part catalog available in buyer eProcurement systems


MISUMI, a global manufacturer and distributor, faced the challenge of integrating a PunchOut catalog and cXML B2B order automation capabilities to retain business with one of their largest customers. Previous integration efforts had proven complex and challenging, and MISUMI needed a short lead time for the integration with a solution that could communicate with any eProcurement system.

 MISUMI required:

  • Short integration lead times
  • Ability to connect with any eProcurement system
  • PunchOut capabilities for a very large parts catalog


MISUMI partnered with TradeCentric to provide cXML/PunchOut catalog capabilities for their existing homegrown eCommerce application. With TradeCentric’s development support, the initial integration was configured and deployed in just two weeks. This enabled MISUMI to make its extensive catalog available via PunchOut to any customer with short lead times. 

“Due to the demand for support network PunchOut/cXML integrations with a quick turnaround time, we decided to work with an experienced solution provider…”

Johnny Yamazaki
eProcurement Solutions Director, MISUMI


TradeCentric’s platform integration led to faster integration times, significant sales volume growth, and reduced operating costs for MISUMI. The company gained priority in the first group of supplier B2B integrations with a large customer using Coupa Software for Business Spend.

  • Fast lead time for PunchOut integration with a large customer
  • Sales volume growth
  • Reduced sales and operating costs