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School Health

How School Health Doubled Revenue with TradeCentric

School Health wanted to grow eCommerce revenue and attract new customers by offering a streamlined buying experience - all while upgrading its Adobe Commerce store to the newest version.

Customer snapshot

Industry: Healthcare


Adobe Commerce Cloud

TradeCentric solution:
PunchOut & Purchase Order Automation


A superior buying experience that increased sales and revenue


School Health, a family-owned supplier of medical equipment and health supplies to school districts, wanted to improve its eCommerce experience, drive more customers to its eCommerce store, and attract new customers by offering a streamlined buying experience with PunchOut catalogs and procurement automation capabilities. Additionally, School Health wanted to upgrade its Adobe Commerce (Magento) store to the newest version without disrupting customer integrations or the purchasing experience.

Large purchasing organizations found the purchasing experience on School Health’s existing eCommerce storefront inefficient because it required manual replication of orders in their eProcurement platforms. School Health wanted to provide a cohesive PunchOut-based  procurement journey that eliminated manual data entry and provided the seamless eCommerce experience its customers demanded.

School Health needed a solution that would:

  • Attract offline customers to its Adobe Commerce store
  • Increase eCommerce orders and revenue
  • Offer disruption-free service while upgrading Adobe Commerce


TradeCentric’s connected commerce platform empowers School Health to offer seamless PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation to customers using any eProcurement platform. The initial integration was quick and straightforward with TradeCentric’s Adobe Commerce extension, which also enabled School Health to migrate to a modern version of Adobe Commerce without disrupting customers’ procurement.

Buyers love the automation potential, and they’re often surprised just how fast and straightforward it is for us to connect to their platform for a much-improved eCommerce experience compared to other vendors.

Jessica Wetzel
eCommerce Manager, School Health Corporation


TradeCentric’s solution led to significant improvements in key eCommerce performance indicators for School Health. Customers enjoyed reduced procurement costs, an improved procurement experience, and the elimination of repetitive manual data entry. School Health’s ability to offer fast, low-cost integrations and automation helped win new business and improve customer retention.

  • Revenue increased by over 110%
  • Total orders increased by over 60%
  • Average order value increased by 25%