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How a Leading Wholesale Distributor Enhanced The B2B Customer Experience with TradeCentric

A leading wholesale distributor wanted to improve its B2B procurement experience by replacing a legacy PunchOut program with a more capable solution. With the TradeCentric Platform, the company can now easily connect with any buyer’s eProcurement solution, fulfilling buyers’ expectations of seamless connected commerce.

Customer snapshot

Industry: Distribution & Wholesale


Oracle NetSuite

TradeCentric solution: PunchOut, Purchase Order Automation, Purchase Order Acknowledgment & Invoice Automation


Became a preferred vendor for multiple buyers

Accelerated PunchOut and procurement automation onboarding and reduced time-to-market

Was able to migrate to a new eCommerce platform with minimal disruption to buyer integrations


One TradeCentric customer is a distributor of plumbing, waterworks, PVF, and facility supplies to the HVAC, fire protection, residential trade, and residential digital commerce markets. For over 70 years, the company has served its community of builders and partners with value-added solutions that combine expertise and experience with trusted products and reliable fulfillment across North America. In addition to over 36,000 knowledgeable associates, the company provides an omni-channel sales experience via its B2B and B2C ecommerce and mobile app platforms.

  • $28.6 billion in revenue
  • 1,700+ branches
  • 11 National distribution centers


The company previously invested in PunchOut-like capabilities, supported by a vendor that hosted catalogs and provided a simulated PunchOut catalog experience. However, this solution was challenging to scale, time-consuming to integrate with new customers, and unable to provide the reporting and analytics capabilities needed to grow its eProcurement sales channel.

The company wanted to expand the PunchOut catalog and procurement automation program to offer a real-time, integrated procurement experience to as many buyers as possible. Long integration lead times and a lack of organizational knowledge hindered the program’s expansion.

They needed a solution that could provide:

  • Preferred vendor status with integration-focused buyers
  • Fast onboarding of new customers
  • Expert integration support
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics


The company adopted the TradeCentric Platform, which acts as an integration layer between their Oracle eCommerce store and buyers’ eProcurement solutions. The TradeCentric Platform consumes data from any B2B eCommerce system and any buyer eProcurement solution, providing two-way translation for compatibility between any combination of buyer and supplier systems.

TradeCentric has not only enhanced our technical capabilities but has made us a preferred vendor many times over because of the integrations we can offer and how seamless they are.

Senior Manager, Digital Commerce


With TradeCentric’s solutions, the company is equipped to connect to any customer that requests eProcurement integration. The company and its customers benefit from increased speed to market and a faster, more user-friendly purchasing experience. When the company migrates to its new Salesforce eCommerce platform, the TradeCentric platform will allow the company to provide the same procurement automation capabilities while minimizing service disruption.

Furthermore, TradeCentric’s Business Intelligence Portal provides a wealth of information about customer buying patterns, transactions, and procurement automation utilization that helps the company grow sales while serving its customers better.

With TradeCentric, the company:

  • Became a preferred vendor for multiple buyers
  • Gained access to comprehensive procurement analytics via the TradeCentric Business Intelligence Portal
  • Accelerated PunchOut and procurement automation onboarding and reduced time-to-market
  • Was able to migrate to a new eCommerce platform with minimal disruption to buyer integrations