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How The Reynolds Company Cut Order Management Costs with TradeCentric

A customer of The Reynolds Company was dissatisfied with the cost and complexity their manual ordering processes. TradeCentric provided a streamlined, automated procurement experience that helped customers reduce procurement management costs.

Customer snapshot

Industry: Distribution & Wholesale



TradeCentric solution: PunchOut


Improved procurement experience, reduced customer order management costs

88% reduction in average cost of order placement and management


The Reynolds Company (TRC) is a leading wholesale distributor. Its customer, Cates Control Systems (CCS), was dissatisfied with the cost and complexity of TRC’s manual ordering processes. TRC proposed a solution based on TradeCentric’s Connected Commerce platform, which allowed TRC to offer a streamlined, automated procurement experience and help its customers to reduce procurement management costs.

CCS was experiencing a period of record growth, but a time-consuming manual order system based on phone calls and emails made ordering from TRC inefficient and costly. TRC was asked to streamline the ordering process and provide a straightforward way to verify pricing and inventory before CCS submitted purchase orders.

They needed a solution that could:

  • Reduce touchpoints to determine availability and lead times
  • Automate data entry and order communication
  • Provide accurate pricing information
  • Eliminate phone-based ordering


The Reynolds Company implemented PunchOut catalogs using TradeCentric’s Connected Commerce solution, which made it straightforward for TRC to integrate their ERP with CCS’s ERP. The resulting integration allowed CCS to verify pricing and availability from within their system and to submit purchase orders directly to TRC.

After a deep dive into the overall process and touch points, our team, along with aPivot LLC, worked with The Reynolds Company and TradeCentric to identify the issues and determine the best path forward

Craig Lancaster
Managing Director of Operations, Cates Control Systems


With the PunchOut integration, CCS secured pricing and availability information without delay, reducing the time spent creating each order. Once orders were created within CCS’s system, they could automatically send them to TRC, eliminating time-consuming email and phone ordering processes.

  • 88% reduction in the average cost of order management
  • Immediate verification of pricing and inventory
  • Drastically reduced time spent on order management