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How New Pig Modernized Its Ordering Process with TradeCentric

New Pig needed to migrate customers to their newly launched SAP Commerce Cloud store without disrupting the streamlined, PunchOut-based purchasing process their customers expect.

Customer snapshot

Industry: Industrial Goods


SAP Commerce Cloud

TradeCentric solution: PunchOut


Successful migration of 50+ large buyers

Increased PunchOut sales and eCommerce revenue


In response to customer demand for B2B Connected Commerce, New Pig already offered custom PunchOut catalogs and static catalogs to its customers. However, its existing PunchOut solutions were brittle, complex, and expensive to implement. Additionally, they could not be migrated from the company’s legacy IBM WebSphere store to its new SAP Commerce Cloud store.

New Pig needed help to:

  • Implement an agile and flexible PunchOut solution for their new store
  • Migrate existing PunchOut users
  • Migrate customers using static catalogs
  • Offer a friction-free path to PunchOut integration for new customers


Tradecentric’s connected commerce platform provides a universal integration layer that connects any eCommerce store to any eProcurement platform. TradeCentric’s integration specialists worked with New Pig to integrate TradeCentric’s platform with their SAP Commerce Cloud  store. Once this one-time integration was complete, New Pig could quickly on-board its largest customers, integrating with their eProcurement systems for PunchOut and other procurement automation capabilities.

We wanted to offer eProcurement integration and PunchOut catalogs while reducing complexity and IT involvement. Working with TradeCentric is a simple process and has allowed us to integrate and migrate more customers more quickly.

Dena Vellone
Corporate Contract Manager, New Pig


With the help of TradeCentric’s connected commerce platform and integration specialists, New Pig migrated over 50 large buyers from the legacy solution to PunchOut based on the new SAP Commerce Cloud  store in 8 months, with over a dozen more migrated in subsequent months. New Pig also offered B2B connected commerce capabilities to customers using static catalogs, and quickly migrated many to PunchOut.

New Pig can now offer a superior, eProcurement-integrated eCommerce experience to all of its customers, old and new. With TradeCentric, New Pig:

  • Accelerated eProcurement and eCommerce adoption
  • Reduced procurement cost and complexity
  • Increased eCommerce and eProcurement sales
  • Gained a competitive advantage in a market that demands eProcurement integration.