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How Dillon Supply Improved Its Purchasing Experience and Reduced Customer Costs with TradeCentric

Dillon Supply aimed to create an automated eProcurement-based sales process with PunchOut catalogs and Purchase Order Automation. Partnering with TradeCentric, Dillon Supply achieved its goal of enhancing the purchasing experience for its diverse customer base.

Customer snapshot

Industry: Industrial Goods



TradeCentric solution: PunchOut & Purchase Order Automation


Improved customer experience, faster integration, and competitive market advantage


Dillon Supply, an industrial supplier founded in 1914, sought to improve its outdated EDI-based purchasing process, which was time-consuming and costly to integrate with new customers. It offered limited catalog management capabilities and did not meet modern buyer expectations. Dillon Supply needed a solution that would:

  • Reduce customer integration costs and lead times
  • Provide a flexible and personalized purchasing experience
  • Create a one-step purchasing process with automated data transfer


TradeCentric worked with Dillon Supply to integrate our B2B Connected Commerce solution with their Optimizely store. Once integrated, Dillon Supply’s store could exchange cXML, OCI, and other data protocols with any eProcurement platform, enabling PunchOut catalogs, Purchase Order Automation, and other procurement automation capabilities. 

We knew that we were in safe hands with TradeCentric. Their technology and support are second to none.

Arnaud Le Chatelier
Director Sales & Marketing, Dillon Supply


With TradeCentric’s help, Dillon Supply can provide a flexible, modern purchasing experience to any customer that prefers to manage procurement within their eProcurement system, resulting in a streamlined process that eliminates order management complexity, manual data entry, and order errors. Dillon Supply’s ability to quickly connect to any customer’s procurement system gives it a significant market advantage compared to less capable competitors.

  • Enhanced purchasing experience for buyers
  • Faster integration process with an average lead time of less than four weeks
  • Complete control of customer experience for eProcurement channel
  • Transition from legacy EDI system with minimal disruption