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Salesforce LWR: Everything You Need to Know

What is Salesforce LWR and how will it impact your business? Learn everything you need to know in our new comprehensive guide.

Jessica Wetzel

Product Manager

Salesforce released a new framework called Lightning Web Runtime, more commonly known as LWR. We are excited to announce that TradeCentric supports PunchOut and Purchase Order Automation with this new framework. The Salesforce Aura framework will also continue to be supported. 

What is Salesforce LWR?

Image source: Salesforce

Salesforce LWR is a framework designed to improve Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud site performance and enhance user experiences. According to Salesforce, LWR offers these advantages over the Aura framework:

  • Improved Performance: LWR is optimized to deliver faster page load times.
  • Enhanced Scalability: The framework’s architecture allows B2B commerce sites to handle increased traffic and growing business demands.
  • Modern Development Paradigm: LWR leverages modern web development standards, enabling developers to utilize the latest tools, technologies, and best practices for building highly performant and visually appealing user experiences.

TradeCentric Support for Aura and LWR

The TradeCentric Platform supports both Aura and LWR frameworks. For new Salesforce customers, LWR will be immediately supported with TradeCentric’s Salesforce Commerce connector. Those who operate on Aura and are considering migrating to LWR will also be supported whenever they decide to make that move. Rather than having to rebuild connections after migrating from Aura, TradeCentric saves IT teams time and resources by testing and maintaining the connector on customers’ behalf. 

If you’re a TradeCentric customer who is migrating from Aura to LWR, contact us for support on the update.

Outsourced B2B Commerce Integration Future-Proofs Connections

When platforms release updates, integrations must also be updated and tested to ensure connections remain secure and stable. For in-house teams, that often means significant time and resources spent on rebuilding connections.

Strategic companies choose to outsource integration capabilities to a specialized software provider such as TradeCentric to remove these burdens from in-house technical teams.

TradeCentric manages the maintenance that comes with these integrations, proactively evaluating and testing updates to prevent any connection disruptions. We keep a pulse on market shifts and technology enhancements to ensure customers have access to the latest and greatest innovations.

TradeCentric’s pre-built Salesforce Commerce managed package makes updates such as the LWR framework for new and existing Salesforce customers seamless and pain-free. To learn more about our support and enhancements for Salesforce, contact us now. 

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