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SAP Spotlight Partner TradeCentric Transforms B2B eCommerce Transaction Flows

Matt Hassler, Director of Strategic Partnerships, shares how TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud optimizes B2B transaction flows and maximizes value for joint customers.

Matt Hassler

Director of Strategic Partnerships

TradeCentric’s B2B integration solution for SAP Commerce Cloud was recently awarded SAP Spotlight Partner status, recognizing how TradeCentric has worked in partnership with SAP to deliver strong sales performance and exceptional customer support for its market-leading B2B eCommerce solution.       

TradeCentric delivers seamless, efficient, scalable B2B eCommerce integration to nearly 4,500 enterprises worldwide. By gaining SAP Spotlight Partner status, TradeCentric has opened up opportunities for many more SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP legacy users to deliver value through more effective eCommerce interactions.          

This article explores how TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud optimizes B2B eCommerce transaction flows, and maximizes value for SAP Commerce Cloud customers. 

How TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud optimizes B2B eCommerce flows

A strong eCommerce proposition has effectively become a prerequisite for any enterprise engaged in B2B sales. B2B suppliers invest heavily in sophisticated eCommerce capabilities to create a compelling digital experience that attracts buyers to their site, promotes higher volume sales, and retains existing customers. 

Similarly, B2B buyers are equally heavily invested in advanced eProcurement platforms, with an objective to maximize the value of this investment by centralizing and standardizing the entire procurement process within the platform.  

With global B2B eCommerce spend hitting almost $8 trillion in 2022, and projected to grow at a CAGR of 20.2% from 2023 to 2028, enabling connectivity between these two systems will become a critical success factor across the board.    

TradeCentric powers integration between leading eCommerce systems such as SAP Commerce Cloud and eProcurement solutions, resulting in optimized end-to-end B2B eCommerce flows and maximized value for vendor and customer alike.     

Via 1-to-1 integrations, purchasers  connect directly and seamlessly with the eCommerce site through their eProcurement platform, at every stage of the transaction flow. 

The solution covers every interaction in the process, from catalog PunchOut to orders, invoices, quotes, acknowledgements, notifications and marketplace integrations. 

TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud can be scaled to meet the needs of any sized B2B eCommerce function. This is vital for enterprises looking to keep pace as eCommerce becomes the de-facto standard for business-to-business transactions.   

Further, integration can help protect B2B vendors and customers from the supply chain uncertainty and volatility that has become part of the commercial landscape since 2020, by creating efficient, robust and flexible end-to-end transaction flows.       

Better together – TradeCentric’s SAP Spotlight Partner status delivers value for customers

While SAP Spotlight Partner status is an achievement itself, the greatest value of SAP’s partnership with TradeCentric lies in the benefits it delivers to the shared customer base. 

Integration – TradeCentric’s seamless integration with SAP’s market-leading eCommerce solution enables customers to harness the power of optimized eCommerce transaction flows as a natural extension to their existing processes and systems.   

Global Reach – SAP’s global reach means more customers worldwide have access to TradeCentric’s capabilities to enhance their B2B eCommerce capabilities.  

Assurance and validation – TradeCentric customers have the added assurance that comes from SAP endorsement and the stringent validation process on which it is based.       

Collaboration – TradeCentric and SAP collaborate closely and productively on market growth and go-to-market strategy, delivering ever-more efficient B2B eCommerce transaction flows to a growing customer base.   

What next?

To learn how TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud can transform your B2B eCommerce, and to continue the conversation, visit TradeCentric’s profile on the SAP Store, or email [email protected].

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