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Our Next Step: PunchOut2Go Renamed TradeCentric

PunchOut2Go has positioned itself as the centerpoint between buyers and sellers for the last decade. We've expanded our offerings over the last 10 years and it's time our brand better reflects that.

Troy Lynch


TradeCentric reflects a decade of innovation serving industry leading customers

For more than a decade, businesses around the world have relied on PunchOut2Go for their PunchOut and B2B transaction processes. Suppliers leverage our integrated solutions to deliver an online personalized shopping experience to their customers, and buyers partner with us to streamline and manage spend leveraging their eProcurement and ERP systems.

A Deeper Look into Our Company’s History

PunchOut2Go was founded in 2012 with a simple mission: streamline and automate trade between B2B buyers and suppliers. Our goal was to make it easier for suppliers’ eCommerce sites and buyers’ eProcurement systems to connect, and to eliminate cumbersome and inefficient manual processes within B2B purchasing.

In the beginning, our products and services focused entirely on the PunchOut process where buyers were able to browse supplier’s catalogs online and then purchase goods or services within their eProcurement system. But as we connected with more and more businesses around the world, we discovered an extensive opportunity to expand on our existing technology and develop complementary solutions that automate a broader scope of B2B transactions for our customers.

That epiphany fueled us to invest countless hours and resources into expanding our service delivery, customer success and product development. Our North Star has been to become the central point of integrated and automated trade between buyers and suppliers, and we’ve delivered on that objective.

Over the last several years, we have successfully delivered solutions that extend far beyond PunchOut. Today, we offer the industry’s best PunchOut integration and automation solution as well as a full suite of offerings that support the entire digital procurement and commerce lifecycle. These offerings include the automation of orders, invoices, quotes, acknowledgements, notifications and marketplace integrations.

It’s time our brand better reflects the full spectrum of solutions and services we’ve been providing our clients for years now. In June 2022, we renamed the company TradeCentric to better reflect the full scope of our current business and where we plan to take it in the future.

It is with great excitement that I share a sneak peek into the next chapter of PunchOut2Go and what we have been building toward for quite some time. In the coming months, PunchOut2Go will change our name to TradeCentric. Our new name, TradeCentric, reflects the full scope of our business today and where we will take it in the future.

Why TradeCentric?

Our company occupies a unique position that is central to the trading process between buyers and suppliers. TradeCentric reflects our deep connection to the buyer and supplier community, which enables them to achieve a seamless and streamlined trading experience.

Our primary goal is the same as it was when we began our PunchOut2Go journey a decade ago. The main difference is the scope in which we will deliver on those objectives. As our business continues to evolve, we will normalize and harmonize connections between every established eProcurement, eCommerce and ERP system in the world.

The evolution of PunchOut2Go into TradeCentric is built on three pillars:

  1. Industry-Leading Technology: PunchOut was, is, and always will be fundamental to our business. We’ve now expanded our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers via solutions that modernize the entire integrated B2B buy/sell process. From purchase order issuance and invoicing to shipment notification, our end-to-end solutions provide increased trade visibility, faster onboarding of trading partners and modernizes the way companies trade with one another. We’re the only company that has a purpose-built platform that integrates with more than 75 eCommerce systems and 150 eProcurement systems.
  2. World-Class Service and Support: Technology advancements can be overwhelming, especially with limited IT resources. As your business grows and expands, our technical experts are by your side every step of the way to drive more business value as you onboard trading partners. We are a fully managed cloud-based platform with many years of domain expertise serving B2B customers around the world. We help you manage complexity as you scale, reduce supply chain risks and eliminate manual processes in this age of digital transformation.
  3. Large Network of Buyers and Suppliers: Our goal is to connect as many businesses around the world as possible. We now have over 3,000 global companies trading on our B2B platform. We understand the powerful impact of networking buyers and suppliers while leveraging their investment in eProcurement and eCommerce systems. Connecting our customers to trading partners across the many industries we serve: Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Industrial, among others; is a tremendous value we bring to those currently on our platform and those that join every day.

An Exciting Step Forward

Over time, the PunchOut2Go brand will be deemphasized and eventually phased out. However, we will continue to honor the name, the brand and what it represents. You can expect us to continue to invest in the business we’ve built over the past 10 years as well as maintain our position as a leader and innovator in the market.

We will continue to provide the expert onboarding service, support and product reliability and security our customers expect from us. You’ll also see more enhancements to our technology and solutions that include better dashboarding, analytics and reporting. We will also explore ways to connect our community of buyers, suppliers and partners so everyone that is a part of our network will benefit from current and future initiatives. Delivering more value to our clients is a top priority as we continue to invest in our business.

This is an exciting time for PunchOut2Go; our employees, customers and partners. We look forward to a bright future as TradeCentric together with all those that have supported us as we embark on this exciting next chapter of our journey together.

To learn more about our transformation to TradeCentric, please visit our FAQ page.


Troy Lynch, CEO

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