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TradeCentric’s Level 2 PunchOut Support for BigCommerce

TradeCentric introduces Level 2 PunchOut support for BigCommerce, enhancing seamless eProcurement integration.

Jessica Wetzel

Product Manager

level 2 punchout support bigcommerce

In the dynamic realm of B2B commerce, TradeCentric has rolled out Level 2 PunchOut support for BigCommerce. This recent development comes as a response to the increasing shift of clients to BigCommerce for eProcurement and the escalating need for a more seamless and efficient procurement process.

Level 2 PunchOut: a quick overview

With a Level 2 PunchOut Catalog, the buyer can search within the eProcurement solution and view basic product information before they “punch out” to the eCommerce store. Instead of seeing a price listed in the search, the end user will see “PunchOut to view price.” 

When the end user punches out, they are taken directly to the product page within the vendor’s eCommerce PunchOut catalog to add the product to their shopping cart or to find additional details that might have been limited within the eProcurement solution. These details include additional product attribute data, material safety data sheets (MSDS), warranty information, instructions  or product configurations.

Level 2 PunchOut catalogs are not compatible with every eProcurement platform, but they are supported by several of the most widely used, including SAP Ariba and Jaggaer. The TradeCentric Platform supports Level 2 PunchOut for any compatible eProcurement solution.

Benefits for buyers

Buyers favor Level 2 PunchOut as it provides a consolidated view of products from multiple suppliers within their procurement systems, streamlining the comparison process. This seamless integration is especially crucial for buyers who have contracts with multiple suppliers offering similar products. It provides real-time information and enables buyers to compare contract-approved products directly within their procurement systems, eliminating the need to navigate through different suppliers’ websites.

How TradeCentric’s Level 2 PunchOut works

When buyers select a specific product from within their procurement system, they land on the product’s search results page on BigCommerce, displaying the desired product. From there, they are able to view the product details, making the process relatively straightforward and user-friendly.

The importance of working with a third party provider

As BigCommerce expands its footprint in B2B commerce, the addition of Level 2 PunchOut is vital for users migrating to this platform. This feature ensures that suppliers moving to BigCommerce do not lose out on buyers accustomed to Level 2 functionalities. 

TradeCentric’s solution is pivotal for those contemplating BigCommerce as their platform, especially if their buyers need Level 2 PunchOut. Instead of IT teams scrambling and spending countless hours trying to develop this feature, TradeCentric does the heavy lifting. We ensure customers have access to the latest and greatest innovations.

TradeCentric’s support for Level 2 PunchOut for new and existing BigCommerce customers is seamless and pain-free. To learn more about our support and enhancements for BigCommerce, contact us now. 

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