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How TradeCentric’s Connected Commerce Solutions Empower Salesforce Users

Explore how TradeCentric's B2B eCommerce integration solution empowers Salesforce B2B Commerce users to cut costs and gain a competitive edge.

Jessica Wetzel

Product Manager

As Salesforce continues to consolidate its position as the market-leading CRM platform, more organizations are relying on Salesforce B2B Commerce to create and manage their B2B eCommerce storefront. In 2022, Salesforce B2B Commerce market share grew to over 15%, with more than 16,000 companies using the software.

Today, eCommerce is at the heart of every successful B2B omnichannel strategy. Suppliers that offer buyers the most seamless, efficient purchase-to-pay (P2P) process gain significant competitive advantage. Effective eCommerce integration is key to delivering this seamless experience.        

This blog looks at how Salesforce B2B Commerce users can save costs and gain a competitive edge with TradeCentric’s B2B eCommerce integration solution. 

How TradeCentric’s integration platform gives B2B eCommerce an edge 

B2B eCommerce depends on a flow of order and payment data between the supplier’s eCommerce platform and the buyer’s eProcurement platform. 

Without integration, the P2P process is unacceptably slow and onerous, relying on file transfers or manual rekeying of data. 

Maintaining individual bespoke integrations between each supplier and buyer creates an overhead for internal IT, slows the process of onboarding new buyers or suppliers, and can become unmanageable at scale. 

TradeCentric’s solution delivers a consistent, scalable integration layer, backed by technical, project management and platform expertise. It enables a seamless, transparent flow of P2P transactions between supplier and buyer, removing the internal overhead of maintaining multiple individual integrations.     

The TradeCentric and Salesforce advantage 

B2B businesses that already reap the benefits of Salesforce’s market leading CRM capabilities can add another level of value with TradeCentric. 

TradeCentric is trusted by Salesforce to provide the B2B integration capabilities that are not available in Salesforce itself, to extend and enrich the power of the Salesforce B2B commerce.

  • TradeCentric’s solution is the only Managed Package for B2B eCommerce integration on Salesforce AppExchange
  • It provides integrated PunchOut Catalog and PO Automation between Salesforce users and their buyers. 
  • It enables Salesforce users to open up new channels to serve buyers more effectively with minimal effort. 
  • It offers a Platform with access to tools like the Business Intelligence Portal, providing users with real-time data, comprehensive reporting, and connection testing to help make decisions with confidence.
  • It has successfully passed the Salesforce AppExchange Security Review, a rigorous process conducted by the Salesforce Security team that ensures the highest level of data protection and security.
  • It plugs seamlessly into native Salesforce capabilities, so it can be integrated with any Salesforce functionality, without impacting business as usual.
  • It is maintained in step with Salesforce releases, so it requires no extra upgrade work when a new Salesforce release is adopted. Learn more about TradeCentric’s support for Salesforce LWR in this blog.  

TradeCentric supports customers’ B2B eCommerce integrations with dedicated project management resources and cross-platform expertise. We can work directly with business teams, or with systems integrators, depending on which model the business has adopted for its Salesforce deployment. 

How Salesforce users can get the TradeCentric advantage 

Salesforce’s B2B commerce offering has evolved, through the acquisitions of Demandware in 2016 and CloudCraze in 2018, through the development of Salesforce Lightning, with Aura then LWR.  

As a result, businesses are using different iterations and versions of the Salesforce eCommerce offering, and will be looking at some point to migrate to the latest version. 

Migration offers the perfect opportunity to start reaping the benefits of TradeCentric B2B eCommerce integration, by blending into the wider upgrade project. 

What’s next? 

If your business is considering migrating its Salesforce deployment, or wants the competitive edge that effective B2B eCommerce can offer, connect with us on LinkedIn, or contact us to get started.

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