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Discover the benefits of B2B connected commerce and learn how the process works.


Leading companies are investing in best-in-class software solutions that more seamlessly connect buyer eProcurement systems with supplier eCommerce sites. This connectivity, which enhances productivity and accuracy within B2B purchasing, is also known as B2B connected commerce.

Watch this short video to gain a better understanding of the process flow behind TradeCentric’s B2B connected commerce solutions.

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understanding headless commerce punchout

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Understanding Headless Commerce & PunchOut

Explore how businesses are leveraging headless commerce and PunchOut to enhance their B2B shopping experience.
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PunchOut: The Future of B2B Transactions

This white paper explores the power of PunchOut, including how it's set up, the challenges it solves, and the benefits for both suppliers and their customers.
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PunchOut Catalog: What It Is and How It Works

PunchOut is a connection between a buyer's eProcurement solution and a supplier's eCommerce shopping cart. PunchOut helps suppliers provide real-time catalog pricing and availability to their buyers.
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