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TradeCentric and Coupa Collaboration Extends Reach of B2B Connected Commerce

TradeCentric and Coupa provide customers with enhanced eCommerce and eProcurement integration capabilities available in the Coupa App Marketplace.


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, October 25, 2022 — TradeCentric, the leading provider of integration and automation between eCommerce systems and eProcurement solutions, announces it is continuing to strengthen its presence on the Coupa App Marketplace, a  platform that connects businesses with certified, pre-built solutions across supply chain, procurement and finance functions.

The collaboration between Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) and TradeCentric enhances the value and benefits companies derive from the Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM) Platform. Coupa’s BSM Platform is a cloud-based platform that empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to make smarter spending decisions.  

TradeCentric transforms the way B2B buyers and suppliers transact by enabling connected commerce solutions such as PunchOut, Purchase Order, and Invoice Automation. The fully managed, highly secured, and purpose-built integration platform is designed to enable companies to scale their digital trading capabilities and better navigate the ever-evolving B2B commerce landscape. 

“eProcurement is innovating at a rapid pace, and sophisticated businesses need technology solutions that best support an increasingly digital buying and selling environment,” said Roger Goulart, executive vice president of Business Development and Alliances at Coupa. “We’re proud to have TradeCentric on the Coupa App Marketplace as it provides our customers access to an automated and integrated purchasing experience that can connect with virtually any leading supplier eCommerce system.”

As a certified CoupaLink solution, TradeCentric’s solutions meet the requirements established by Coupa through its CoupaLink Partner Program and are available in the Coupa App Marketplace. The CoupaLink Partner Program enables software partners to build complementary solutions that easily connect into the Coupa platform. Customers benefit by discovering and connecting solutions to optimize their business spend and reducing business risk while reducing the cost of third-party software integration.

“We are dedicated to providing customers a streamlined and integrated B2B commerce experience,” said Troy Lynch, CEO of TradeCentric. “As a leading procurement solution, Coupa plays an important role in helping us deliver on our goal. TradeCentric is proud to be part of the Coupa App Marketplace and a trusted CoupaLink technology partner. We look forward to continuing to enhance our collaboration with Coupa to further help businesses around the world connect with one another and achieve better, more seamless trade for all.”

For more information about TradeCentric and how it can help companies better navigate the ever-evolving B2B eProcurement landscape, visit the Coupa App Marketplace at


About TradeCentric

TradeCentric, formerly PunchOut2Go, transforms the way businesses transact by enabling PunchOut, Purchase Order and Invoice Automation solutions for thousands of companies around the world. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of eCommerce and eProcurement, TradeCentric helps B2B buyers and suppliers connect, automate and scale their digital trading capabilities via a cloud-based integration platform that is fully managed and purpose-built to simplify the complexities of B2B connected commerce. Learn more at

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