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Celebrating One Year as TradeCentric: A Testament to Evolution and Innovation

Our new blog reflects on the past year as TradeCentric and our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Troy Lynch


Today, we celebrate an important milestone: the one-year anniversary of our rebrand from PunchOut2Go to TradeCentric. This symbolizes not only a new era of growth for our company but also our unwavering commitment to innovation, service excellence, and empowering our global customers to achieve automated, seamless B2B trade. Join me as we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon and the momentum we’ve gained in just one short year.

A Look Back at Our History and the Birth of TradeCentric

Since 2012, PunchOut2Go has been the industry leader in PunchOut, which allows buyers to seamlessly browse and purchase goods from connected suppliers directly within their eProcurement systems. However, we realized the immense potential to expand our technological offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire B2B transaction landscape.

Driven by our desire to be the recognized leader in B2B transaction automation, we poured countless hours, resources, and passion into enhancing our service delivery, fostering customer success, and investing in data security and product development. Our vision was to become the central point of integrated and automated trade, while improving the way buyers and suppliers interacted. With great pride, I can confidently say that we have achieved precisely that.

In June 2022, we unveiled our new identity: TradeCentric. This name embodies the expansive range of solutions and services we provide, and it more accurately reflects our deep connection to the buyer and supplier community. TradeCentric encapsulates our overarching mission to normalize and harmonize connections between eProcurement, eCommerce, and ERP systems worldwide to drive better B2B trade for all.

Three Pillars of Innovation

Over the past 12 months, TradeCentric has been a steadfast force in streamlining and automating trade between B2B buyers and suppliers. In line with our objective to serve as the catalyst for a seamless and streamlined trading experience, TradeCentric continues to stay grounded in our three pillars of innovation.

  1. Industry-Leading Technology: While PunchOut remains at the heart of our business, we’ve expanded our offerings to meet the evolving demands of our clients via a comprehensive suite of solutions that modernize the entire B2B buy/sell process. From automating purchase orders and invoices to streamlining shipment notifications, our end-to-end offerings amplify trade visibility, accelerate partner onboarding, and streamline intercompany transactions. With purpose-built integration capabilities across more than 75 eCommerce systems and 150 eProcurement systems, we stand as the unparalleled leaders in our field – and we are committed to a relentless pursuit of impactful solutions and an enhanced customer experience.
  2. World-Class Service and Support: We understand that technological advancements can be overwhelming, particularly with limited IT resources. That’s why our dedicated team of technical experts guide you every step of the way. As your business scales and evolves, we provide fully managed, cloud-based services to drive optimal business value and faster return on investment. With years of domain expertise, we assist in navigating complexities, mitigating supply chain risks, and eliminating manual processes in this era of digital transformation.
  3. Large Network of Buyers and Suppliers: Our ultimate goal is to foster connections between businesses worldwide. With more than 5,000 global companies currently trading on our B2B platform, we’ve witnessed firsthand the powerful impact of networking buyers and suppliers while leveraging their investments in eProcurement and eCommerce systems. Our vast community spans multiple industries, including Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Education, and Industrial sectors. The value we bring lies in uniting our customers with a diverse range of trading partners, enriching their growth opportunities and amplifying their success.

A Future Full of Promise

We will continue to honor PunchOut2Go’s legacy and the values it represents. Moving forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to invest in our business, ensuring the reliability, security, and innovation our customers have come to expect.

Anticipate ongoing enhancements to our technology and solutions, including enriched dashboarding, advanced analytics, and more comprehensive reporting capabilities. Additionally, we aspire to foster a thriving community of buyers, suppliers, and partners, forging connections that will mutually benefit all participants within our network. Our deep dedication to delivering exceptional value to our clients remains our paramount priority as we continue to shape the future of B2B trade.

As CEO of TradeCentric, I express my deepest gratitude to our incredible employees, customers, and partners. Your support, trust, and collaboration have been instrumental in our journey thus far. Together, we have achieved remarkable feats in just one year, and I am excited to witness the boundless potential that lies ahead.

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone, a testament to our evolution and commitment to excellence. Let us forge ahead as TradeCentric, revolutionizing the world of B2B trade and empowering businesses to thrive in an era of unparalleled connectivity and innovation.


Troy Lynch, CEO

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