TradeCentric Announces Support for Salesforce’s New Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) Framework for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Both the recently released LWR and the legacy Aura framework on Salesforce Commerce Cloud are now supported by TradeCentric

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – September 12, 2023: TradeCentric, the leading provider of B2B integration and automation solutions between eCommerce systems and eProcurement solutions, announces its upgraded capabilities for Salesforce’s recently released Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) framework for PunchOut and Purchase Order Automation. As a commitment to adaptability and customer-centric solutions, TradeCentric will continue supporting the Salesforce Commerce Aura framework.

Salesforce’s LWR has been introduced to elevate the performance of the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud and redefine user experiences. Key highlights of LWR compared to the Aura framework include:

  • Improved Performance: Faster page load times optimized by LWR.
  • Enhanced Scalability: The framework’s architecture allows B2B commerce sites to handle increased traffic and growing business demands.
  • Modern Development: Empowering developers with the most recent web development standards, tools, technologies, and best practices.

“We are proud to announce our support for Salesforce Commerce LWR,” said Michael Sonier, Vice President of Product at TradeCentric. “This solution enhancement underscores our unwavering commitment to continually advance our Platform and connectors, ensuring a seamless experience for all customers utilizing innovations from our strategic eCommerce and eProcurement partners.”

TradeCentric’s Platform is fully compatible with both Salesforce Aura and LWR. For businesses adopting Salesforce’s newest framework, TradeCentric’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector ensures immediate support for LWR. Existing users on the Aura framework who may be contemplating the upgrade to LWR can rest assured they will continue to have support before, during, and after their transition. This proactive approach eliminates the need for reconnection with all trading partners post-migration, as TradeCentric manages the testing and maintenance of the connector to effectively save IT teams significant resources.

By diligently testing and maintaining connectors, TradeCentric relieves IT teams of burdens associated with cumbersome processes and reconstruction of integrations following migration to the new frameworks.

Learn more about TradeCentric’s support for Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrations on the TradeCentric blog.