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Meet Customer Buying Requirements with B2B Connected Commerce

Leading organizations have invested in B2B connected commerce solutions that enable their eCommerce platforms to connect with their buyers’ eProcurement and ERP systems. Integration capabilities provide a competitive edge and often decide which supplier gains a larger share of the market.

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Integrated solutions for every step of the B2B transaction process

Level up from manual trade and join the world of B2B connected commerce.

PunchOut Catalog

PunchOut connects eProcurement solutions to eCommerce systems to automate key steps in the shopping process.

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Purchase Order Automation

Purchase Order Automation replaces the need for manual ordering methods and streamlines the order fulfillment process.

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Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation transforms supplier invoice data, ensuring it is correctly formatted and ready to be reconciled for payment.

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B2B connected commerce for suppliers

With TradeCentric, suppliers can offer PunchOut, Purchase Order and Invoice Automation integrations to solve their customers’ most pressing purchasing challenges, such as rekeying data into procurement systems or manually matching up purchase orders and invoices for reconciliation. 

B2B connected commerce provides suppliers with meaningful benefits, including streamlined operations, increased sales effectiveness, and optimized order-to-cash processes. The result is improved efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Unlock data-driven success with our Business Intelligence Portal

Better understand and monitor eCommerce activity within the TradeCentric Business Intelligence Portal. Gain a holistic understanding of B2B purchasing via insight into buying habits, trends, and cart abandonment rates.

  • Real-time visibility into transaction data: Identify issues and opportunities for improvements
  • Connection testing and troubleshooting: Simulate buyer sessions before going live with trading partners
  • Comprehensive reporting: Unlock filterable and interactive reports that can be exported to provide teams with key insights
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Integrate with leading eProcurement solutions

Access hundreds of powerful pre-built connections for 150+ ERP/eProcurement solutions.

SAP Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

“There is a natural growth when we use TradeCentric. It improves the way we present our products and makes it easier for a customer to find what they need. Carts tend to grow with TradeCentric.”

Director of eCommerce

Leading Life Sciences Company