Meet Customer Buying Expectations with Connected Commerce Solutions

Provide customers with a better shopping experience with integration solutions from TradeCentric. Our iPaaS for B2B commerce integrates your eCommerce systems with customers’ eProcurement solutions to satisfy buyer requirements and drive more transactions for your business.

We increased revenue from PunchOut customers 100%+”

– Leading Pharma Company

  • Connect to leading eProcurement solutions
  • Enable buyers to better leverage eProcurement
  • Drive more sales to your digital channels
  • Retain and grow existing customer base
  • Eliminate manual, error-prone processes
  • Accelerate invoice-to-payment timelines

Instantly onboard and integrate with buyers' systems

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60 %

Integration time 

5- 10

mins saved
per PO processed

2 +

FTEs saved

100 %+

revenue increase with buyers using PunchOut

“By partnering with TradeCentric, the integration process is now simple and quick. We can integrate with any of our customers in only a few hours.”

Brian Abrams, CEO

“Working with TradeCentric is simple and has allowed us to integrate and migrate more customers quickly than would have been possible without TradeCentric’s iPaaS.”

Dena Vellone, Corporate Contract Manager