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B2B Connected Commerce Checklist: Choosing the Right Integration Partner      

Selecting the right partner is key, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s a checklist of the qualities you should look for when choosing a B2B Connected Commerce provider.


Digital channels are rapidly gaining market share in B2B sales. Digital Commerce 360 recently reported 17% growth in US B2B eCommerce in 2023, against a background of largely flat manufacturing and distribution company sales. 

Yet there is also a sense that B2B vendors are only just beginning to realize the full potential of digital channels. A blog observes 

Though most have long used digital channels to interact with prospects and customers, these interactions sometimes feel like disjointed experiences rather than cumulative components of the broader purchasing journey.”

Transforming these disjointed experiences into a frictionless end-to-end digital purchasing experience depends on creating seamless connections between eProcurement and eCommerce systems.

Some larger enterprises, with extensive internal IT resources and relatively small numbers of strategic procurement connections, may be able to maintain these connections individually. 

Increasingly, though, businesses are finding that the most efficient and flexible way to manage a growing number of B2B connections is to partner with a specialized software provider who can deliver a single B2B Connected Commerce integration layer.                 

A checklist for choosing the right B2B Connected Commerce partner   

B2B Connected Commerce bridges the gap between eCommerce systems and eProcurement solutions by providing integrated PunchOut, and Purchase Order and Invoice Automation

Here are some important considerations to check off your list when evaluating potential B2B Connected Commerce partners:

Number of systems they connect to: Make sure the partner can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of eCommerce systems and eProcurement solutions. 

This maximizes connectivity options, and demonstrates the breadth of their ability to build new system connections. If they don’t already cover all your existing eCommerce to eProcurement connections, this breadth should give confidence that they can.       

Their total number of connections: Evaluate the depth of connections available through the partner. This helps gauge the partner’s ability to cater to diverse business needs, and thus to respond flexibly and efficiently to change in your business and connections. 

Size of their network: Any B2B Connected Commerce partner supports an existing network of connections between vendors and customers. Any of those customers could potentially be your customer, so it is important to assess the partner’s network size to determine the potential reach and accessibility for your business.

Their expertise at every phase of the project: Look for a partner who has demonstrated proficiency across all project phases, from initial onboarding to ongoing support and delivery, and who can share a robust, credible, comprehensive and proven project methodology.  

Long-term scalability of their solutions: Choose a partner with scalable solutions that can grow alongside your business, ensuring your connections grow seamlessly with your business and deliver continued success in the long run.

Their strategic partnerships: Consider partners with strategic alliances and collaborations, as they can provide additional value and resources to enhance your B2B commerce journey. 

For example, a connected commerce partner which has strategic alliances with best-in-class eCommerce and eProcurement platform providers offers a further layer of assurance that its solutions are tested and developed in collaboration with those platforms. 

Functional breadth of their solutions: Connected commerce often starts with PunchOut, but it can extend to automated PO and invoice processing and beyond. Look for a partner that offers a wealth of solutions, enabling your business to broaden its B2B Connected Commerce capabilities

B2B eCommerce Checklist

TradeCentric adds unique value as a B2B Connected Commerce partner

B2B Connected Commerce is TradeCentric’s core competency. We are 100% focused on developing, optimizing and supporting the integrations that deliver frictionless B2B eCommerce, maintaining compliance and staying up-to-date on innovation across eCommerce and eProcurement platforms. 

With more than 4,500+ global companies in our network, 10,000+ active connections, and 99.99% uptime, TradeCentric offers unparalleled connectivity and reliability, coupled with best-in-class functionality across the entire Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) lifecycle, from PunchOut to PO and Invoice Automation. 

One of the fundamental pillars at the core of our success is The Platform, along with a specialized delivery team that is equipped with deep industry knowledge, successful implementation methodology pressure-tested with thousands of existing customers, and strategic partnerships with key players in the eCommerce, eProcurement and ERP space. 

What’s next?

Contact us to learn how TradeCentric can help you maximize value from B2B eCommerce integrations as your B2B Connected Commerce partner..

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