Connected Commerce Solutions for Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

The Banking & Finance industry needs to streamline customer transactions via automation rather than rely on time-intensive and error-prone manual processes. Top priorities for this industry include cost savings, efficient time management, security and improving customer experiences.

Our seamless integrations help Banking & Finance companies optimize their resources to work more efficiently while rapidly onboarding new trading partners. Furthermore, we help keep companies’ sensitive data and information secure.


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Safety First: TradeCentric’s Comprehensive Security Coverage

Data and information security is a high priority in most industries, but this is especially true for banking & finance. Customers trust banks and financial institutions to keep their money and financial information secure, so these companies must be able to trust their technology partners to do the same.

TradeCentric has invested significant time and resources into complex security programs that banks and finance teams can trust.

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“Using TradeCentric is huge. The whole invoice process now saves the time for both our accounts payable team as well as our customers. The invoices always match the purchase orders.”

Program Manager at an automotive finance company

“Now we don’t have to recreate the wheel every time we add a new customer. IT is not involved to add a new customer which has saved thousands of hours.”

Program Manager at an automotive finance company