SAP Commerce PunchOut Catalog Integration

The TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris) integration is a managed service that authenticates users from eProcurement systems into SAP Commerce Cloud. While SAP Commerce Cloud has basic functionality with the SAP Hybris B2B Accelerator pack to minimally support a standard of cXML PunchOut which unfortunately there is no real “standard”, TradeCentric enhances the technology to offer scalable, repeatable solutions that integrate SAP Hybris to any eProcurement system that supports PunchOut via any PunchOut supported protocol.

Features of the TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud solution

TradeCentric for SAP Commerce Cloud automates PunchOut from an SAP Commerce Cloud eCommerce store to 150+ supported eProcurement, spend management and enterprise resource planning platforms. We’re engineered for fast deployment, requires no coding for most integrations and includes integration support for both the buyer and supplier.

  • PunchOut via cXML, OCI and all versions of supported eProcurement PunchOut transactions
  • eProcurement end-user authentication
  • User shops, builds cart and transfers the shopping cart data securely back into their eProcurement systems to create a requisition seamlessly
  • Once the requisition is approved, TradeCentric can consume the PO in formats such as cXML, EDI, iDoc, XML and others and harmonize to SAP Commerce Cloud

We support all common eProcurement platforms for SAP Commerce Cloud PunchOut integration, including Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle ERP, Oracle PeopleSoft and more.

SAP Commerce Cloud and TradeCentric

SAP Hybris and the SAP Commerce Cloud offer a comprehensive retail solution that includes eCommerce, mobile, in-store, and contact center-based retail. Hybris’s flexibility makes it an ideal platform for B2B retail.

SAP Hybris includes some basic PunchOut capabilities, with built-in support for Ariba, which is also owned by SAP. However, Hybris supports a strictly limited selection of platforms and does not provide an easy path to PunchOut integration for most businesses.

With TradeCentric, PunchOut integration of SAP Hybris with eProcurement and ERP platforms is straightforward and cost-effective. TradeCentric seamlessly integrates with Hybris and harmonizes two-way data transfer between Hybris and spend management systems.

When using TradeCentric for PunchOut, buyers shop on your Hybris store, which is accessed via their eProcurement platform. They are authenticated automatically and benefit from a typical eCommerce experience.

When they PunchOut, the requisition order is transferred immediately to their eProcurement platform for vetting and approval before being sent back to Hybris for fulfillment. TradeCentric handles the full PunchOut, requisition and purchase order, invoicing and ASN workflow. TradeCentric can consume purchase orders in many different formats, including cXML, EDI, iDoc, XML and more.

SAP Commerce Cloud PunchOut for Coupa

TradeCentric facilitates PunchOut integration between SAP Hybris and Coupa, the popular cloud spend management platform. With TradeCentric, businesses that sell with SAP Hybris can quickly integrate their sales platform with the Coupa eProcurement platform.

SAP Commerce Cloud PunchOut for Jaggaer

Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest) is a spend management service used by manufacturers, the public sector, and across industries with a particular focus on the higher education sector.

SAP Hybris PunchOut for Oracle ERP & PeopleSoft

Oracle ERP & PeopleSoft provide a wide range of enterprise services for financial management, asset lifecycle management and procurement. TradeCentric can seamlessly integrate SAP Hybris stores with Oracle ERP and PeopleSoft’s procurement and supplier management software supporting Oracle XML, OAG, cXML, EDI and more.

Integrate your SAP Commerce Cloud store with any procurement backend

PunchOut is complex to implement because there are many different protocols and file formats as well as unique buyer requirements to account for: each backend system and eCommerce application poses unique challenges.

With TradeCentric, buyers and suppliers never see that complexity. We provide a single interface that mediates between a vast array of backend systems and eCommerce applications.

Suppliers who offer PunchOut attract more business, improve their margins by lowering the cost of customer acquisition, reduce the cost of every transaction and have their catalog easily accessible within their supplier’s eProcurement and spend management systems.