PunchOut: The Future of B2B Transactions


PunchOut: The Future of B2B Transactions

TradeCentric offers a cloud integration and data translation platform that empowers B2B buyers and suppliers to easily and seamlessly transact.

The result? Accelerated and expanded business online. This white paper explains the benefits of eCommerce to eProcurement integration via B2B connected commerce and the PunchOut experience. 

The most pressing supply chain & procurement challenges

The success of an enterprise is tied to the efficiency and agility of its supply chain. Procurement spending is one of the most significant expenditures for modern businesses.

Companies that don’t invest in strategic supply chain management underperform compared to competitors that recognize the importance of procurement efficiency and supply chain redundancy to their bottom line.

How B2B integration & automation help overcome common roadblocks

Today’s B2B buyers expect their vendors to integrate and transact through their eProcurement system and if the vendor cannot provide the capabilities, the buyer will switch to another supplier who can.

How TradeCentric’s solutions drive faster, scalable, and more efficient B2B trade

TradeCentric’s B2B connected commerce solutions work behind the scenes as a transparent middleware layer that efficiently handles the exchange, translation and mapping of data between the eCommerce store and the eProcurement system.

In addition to PunchOut catalogs and Purchase Order Automation, TradeCentric also offers:

  • Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • Invoice Automation
  • Advanced Shipping Notices
  • eQuote

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Simplify the PunchOut process.

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